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Toripiha Oy - Vesanto

Oinaskyläntie 2, 72300 Vesanto, Finland
Tel. +358 10 425 2700

Toripiha Oy - Suonenjoki

Raviradankatu 6, 77600 Suonenjoki, Finland
Tel. +358 10 425 2700

Juho Kylmälä

Managing Director

production and data management
+358 10 425 2703
juho.kylmala at

Pekka Vehviläinen

Transport Manager

+358 10 425 2702
pekka.vehvilainen at

Juho Karkkonen

Product Manager Vesanto

+358 41 435 1527
juho.karkkonen at

Mikko Piitulainen

Quality Manager

BRC quality and food safety systems, purchasing and development projects
+358 50 377 6626
mikko.piitulainen at

Jussi Kylmälä

Chair of the Board, Senior Advisor  

Board work and selected projects
+358 10 425 2701
jussi.kylmala at

Tuomas Ritvanen

Storage operations Vesanto

+358 40 520 3315
tuomas.ritvanen at

Joonas Kylmälä

Factory Manager Suonenjoki

Storage services and maintenance
+358 10 425 2709
joonas.kylmala at

Henna Julkunen

Product Development Manager Suonenjoki

+358 50 387 2013
henna.julkunen at

Billing information

Please use the following information to send e-invoices:

Name, unit
Toripiha Oy 

E-invoicing address

Enfo Oyj 

Operator ID

For more information about sending e-invoices and saving an e-invoice address to your system, please contact your e-invoice operator’s customer service. E-invoicing information can also be found in the Tieke e-invoicing address database

If your company cannot send e-invoices, please send your invoice to:

Toripiha Oy
PL 508

The required details are the sender’s name, invoice date, invoice number, reference number, invoice total, due date and the vendor’s business ID. This address only applies to purchase invoices sent to us. Other mail (e.g. advertising letters, consignment notes) should be sent to the usual address: Oinaskyläntie 2, 72300 Vesanto, FINLAND